Tuesday, May 4, 2010

M.I.A.--Born Free

So, if you have not seen M.I.A's newest artistic contribution you should check it out, but let me warn you about it first.

M.I.A just recently released her new 9ish minute music video called Born Free at the end of April and the very same day it came out, youtube took it off their site. Now it's back on but it has an age restriction, so you have to sign-in to your account to watch it.

Let's just say it's nothing like Lady Gaga's recent long music video contribution, Telephone. Instead of wearing telephones and cigarettes on her head to strike your "wtf?" button, M.I.A has decided to use gratuitous violence to bring awareness to the issue of ethnic cleansing. You might have to hide your eyes a couple times.

The song itself is eerie and not very pleasing to the ears, but I suppose that's how M.I.A wanted it.

While we are talking about them both, here's what M.I.A has to say about Gaga:


Personally, I'm glad someone finally called Lady Gaga out.

More importantly though, I want to know what people think about this video.
Do you think that using violence in art to stop violence in our world works?
How did the video make you feel?

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