Monday, October 12, 2009

Hotdogs, HRC, and the Story of Stuff.

I am a bad girl.

Kathryn and I were babysitting my 4 year old brother this week and he wanted hotdogs and mac and cheese. Pretty normal, right?

I must confess that as I was cutting up the hotdog, I ate a couple pieces. I didn't even mean to! It was just this instinctual reaction. I forgot. I forgot I was a vegetarian.

I also accidentally ate a bite (or two) of a ham and cheese sub at work on Saturday. Wow. Well, I have to say I feel better to have that off my back. Phew.

It feels good to confess.

Are any of you 13 little followers vegetarian? Am I the only one who "accidentally" eats hotdogs and meat-filled subs?


On a totally different note:

President Obama gave a nice speech to the Human Rights Campaign on Saturday. Got me a little teary eyed. He is only the SECOND president to EVER speak to the HRC. Let me know what'chall think.

Here tis:

Obama HRC Speech

Also, just is another REALLY NEATO video about all the shit we collect called The Story of Stuff

You guys are nice. Sorry for the delay in posts--18 credits are kickin' my butt.



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  1. Hi Fen, I'm not vegetarian but I know a few people that are and I support their desire to eat healthy. My best friend went vegetarian for a while and then experienced some serious problems due to a vitamin deficiency; i don't remember what it was, but you can only obtain it from red meat. She's not vegetarian anymore, but she still stays true to veggies. So be careful on your endeavor.

    The Obama speech was really cool. It's nice to finally see some government support on the matter. I think O is going to do some great things.