Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today Lancaster moves to the left

A couple of cool things are happening in lancaster today that make me think this place may be becoming a little more progressive. (insert jumps for joy)

First of all, tonight at 7pm in Rochester Performing Art Center, Franklin and Marshal College will be hosting a talk called “Intergenerational Feminism: A Dialogue”, it is a discussion about how far-and how not far- women’s rights have progressed in the last fifty years. The two speakers are renowned poet, novelist and journalist Robin Morgan and Ariel Levy writer for The New Yorker and author. If the topic and the bios of these awesome women are any indication, I think this should be a worthwhile event. And it’s free!

Douhle Kudos to Franklin and Marshall, they are also hosting a speech tonight by Chris Matthews. Chris Matthews is a news anchor and political commentator; you might know him from hardball. He has also been a long-time supporter of the democratic party. Tickets are available (for free!) in the Rochester center at f & m until 6pm today.
Tonight Matthews will address health care reform, the economy and President Obama’s ratings. If it’s not too late to get tickets, you should go! It starts at 8:30, so you can conveniently make both events.

But there’s more! Millersville, not to be excluded from the awesomeness today, is doing “Walk a mile in her shoes” event, where men and women get together, throw on some high heels, and walk a mile to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence. I don’t know if its just me, but this sounds fun (if you don’t believe me, look at the pictures).

Good job Lancaster for hosting three important events tonight. I don’t know if this is a sign that things are changing around here, but either way I’m happy.

If anyone gets the chance to participate in any of these, let us know what you thought!


  1. one very enthusiastic HUZZAH to Lancaster

    and an even more emphatic one to the two of you for spreading the word. LOVE

  2. I'm laughing at you as you blog your feeling. I made a blog too, now go buy matching sweater.
    Love your favorite sister,
    P.S Don't expect me to actually blog and finish that book, I wanna read it.