Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So, I feel a little weird because this is the very first post. It is this post that will possibly pave the way for the rest of this cute little blog.

Instead of going on about this, I guess I should just dive into something I've been dying to tell you all. Even though I don't really know who "you all" are.

First thing:

I love Roller Derby. I went to watch my very first "bout" this last Saturday and I am completely hooked. How can you not be? I mean these girls are bad ass. They zip around the floor in these superb shiny outfits, (on roller skates!) and race each other for points.

Ok,'s so much more then that--but really that's enough for me. It's just this beautiful sport that empowers women to kick some major ass.

Speaking of, I think now is a good time to plug the Lancaster Dutchland Rollers girls:

The next HOME bout is on October 10th at Overlook Activities Center. Come. Just do it. You will enjoy supporting these girls. Tickets are 10$ if you buy em' in advance. 12$ at the door. Bring some cash because you'll want a T-Shirt. I'm telling you.

Next order of business:

So, we've got this new blog.

Really, we just wanted to create a space where we can talk about all that stuff up in the "Welcome Message" on the right. And we're also interested in networking with some awesome people--eventually. Right now we realize we may only have 5 fans by the end of the month. Haha. If that's the case, then the networking idea may not be very effective. Who knows though. Maybe those 5 people will be the "chosen ones" or something. I donno.

Kathryn and I really do believe in the power of grassroots projects and truly value the opinions and ideas of others. So, share. Oh do share--or it will get lonely here at QLC (Quarterlife Change).

Tomorrow I will give you my recipe for making your own homemade toothpaste. I know. Riveting. But, after you're done making fun of me, go take a walk to your bathroom. Open your {insert whatever you keep your toothpaste in} and pick up that tube. Flip it over. Look at alllll those ingredients. And I'm sorry TOMS toothpaste is not a lot better. Still got the junk.

Do you really want that on your teeth?
Do you even know what that stuff is? (Who does?)
Can you recycle that tube?

I'm just saying...

Stay tuned folks.

I think you're neat.



  1. thanks for the plug! here's a short video from the bout:

  2. Hey Pretty Ladies,
    I had no idea Toms was bad toothpaste, too! (Eeek) I am looking forward to the "How To" on toothpaste making.
    Great blog, great idea, great name. I am stoked. (How did you come up with the extra time...?)

    Talk soon,

  3. Hey ladies!
    Just wanted to say, you're awesome. :) Love the blog. Can't wait to hear this recipe...I'm not much of a cook, but I think ill be able to handle toothpaste. ;) And, I'm with Brielle...Where in the world did you find the time????


  4. Okay so the Klean Kanteen phenomenon (for me) started at the Green Festival 2007. Great invention-- we are getting people hooked one by one.
    Thanks for the BPA point about toothpaste containers. Is that common?
    I'm telling my friends about you two :)